RV Insurance

Finding Coverage for your RV

Do you own an RV or motorhome and are interested in getting insurance for it? Not sure if you have the right insurance coverage? Look no further than ORION Insurance & Financial Services LLC. We have all of your RV insurance needs covered. It is important to insure your RV correctly, and the qualified and friendly insurance agents are here to help.

The state of New Mexico has minimum requirements for all motorized vehicles and how much insurance coverage they need to have. If your motorhome is one of these types, then you must purchase RV insurance according to the state of New Mexico:

If you have an RV that is a trailer type, you may be able to purchase insurance designed for trailers and the contents they contain. The types of RVs that may qualify for that type of insurance is:

RV insurance offers protection from accidents, vandalism, and theft. Liability helps pay for the cost of bodily injury or property damage against you if you cause an accident. You may decide to purchase more liability coverage than what is mandated by the state of New Mexico. Collision helps pay for repairs or replacement of your RV as a result of an accident. Comprehensive covers damage from things like vandalism, theft, or weather. Covering your contents is something to consider because people often keep electronics and other valuable items in their RV. This coverage can help with the cost of replacing those items. Full timer coverage is for those who use the RV as a home for most of the year. This coverage is similar to homeowners insurance and it adds another level of protection.

Don't guess if you have the proper RV insurance, stop in or go online and talk to the agents at ORION Insurance & Financial Services LLC today.