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Hazards and perils such as accidents and disasters have a sense of spontaneity about them. When they occur, they leave behind a financial gap that is difficult to fill for most people. The reprieve, however, lies in taking up an insurance coverage to protect you against specific insurable risks.

ORION Insurance & Financial Services LLC offers insurance services in New Mexico. We write home, auto, commercial, health, motorcycle, RV, and life insurance policies.

Policy Options

Home insurance

Home insurance covers your home against perils such as fire and burglary. The coverage also goes a notch higher to cover your legal expenses in the event you are sued for damages. There is also a living expenditure coverage meant to cover your living expenses in case you are forced to move out of your dwelling as repairs take place.

Auto Insurance

An auto insurance policy insures your vehicle against events such as accidents and theft. The coverage also pays your legal defense fees if you are sued and can take care of the damages costs if you are found guilty.

Motorcycle Insurance

Taking up a coverage for your motorcycle insures it against hazards such as accidents and theft. Also, there is a collision coverage option meant to cover the damage caused to the other vehicle or motorcycle involved in the collision.

Life insurance policy

Life insurance covers your beneficiaries in case of your demise. It is classified into whole life and term life policies. For a whole life policy, you make contributions until your demise after which funds are made available to your beneficiaries. For term life, you contribute for a specific period.

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ORION Insurance & Financial Services LLC is your ideal insurance partner. Visit our offices today for an estimate and a quote for any of our policies. If you're looking for quotes on home and auto insurance, try our online rating tool! We look forward to working with you soon!

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