Auto Insurance

New Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage

Located in New Mexico, ORION Insurance & Financial Services LLC provides insurance protection to drivers looking to prevent financial strains in the event of an accident or incident. Many people do not fully understand how auto insurance works, especially when they are caught up in an accident. The confusion may result in the individual suffering huge losses. We always make sure that after you purchase our packages, we thoroughly educate you on how it works. Remember, liability coverage is required in the state of New Mexico.

ORION Insurance & Financial Services LLC offers auto insurance policies to those all around the state of New Mexico. Some of these auto coverage options include:

Collision coverage

This type of insurance ensures that you are covered in case your vehicle is involved in any kind of accident like colliding with another vehicle or hitting an obstacle. This policy will cover damages from an accident in which you are at fault to your vehicle. It will include repair and possible replacement costs should you be at fault. A liability insurance policy will not cover your car in an accident.

Medical bills

We also cover the medical bills for passengers who have been severely injured during an accident. This type of coverage will make sure hospital fees are covered should passengers be injured and need medical assistance when you are at fault in an accident. This will not cover medical bills for yourself.

Liability insurance

When you are the person responsible for the accident, this insurance ensures that it covers the property that has been damaged during the accident. Almost every state requires you carry a minimum amount of coverage for liability. It is required before you register your vehicle or drive on state roads. This type of insurance will not cover damages for your vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage

It covers anything that is not related to damage of the vehicle through accidents. Its coverage includes car theft, vandalism, and fire instances.

The above qualifications and insurance coverage make us the most qualified service providers. Contact ORION Insurance & Financial Services LLC in New Mexico to speak with our agents and learn more. We look forward to working with you!